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Friday 22 January 2016, day 5 of week 7

I can’t believe it’s more than two weeks since my last blog post. Sorry! I have been really busy and training is eating up a lot of my free time. Most evenings I am getting home quite late and only have time to eat and get ready for the next day. Plus, how is it week 7 already?!


I am swimming three times a week and the sessions are getting longer, ranging between an hour and an hour and a half. I am pleased with the progress so far and I am beginning to see real improvements. My swim stroke has completely changed and my legs are working less. I just need to keep at it! I will be swimming tonight and again over the weekend.


I have been out for two longer rides of 2-3 hours on the mean ol’ streets of London. I now have quite a few big bruises on my legs and I fell once (my bike slipped on an icy road), but otherwise I am OK and in great shape according to my physio!

The first ride was on Sunday 10th in prep for my triathlon club’s first 2016 brick session at Regent’s Park. I did not quite make get to Regent’s Park as I ran out of time but it was a good experience and I was pretty chuffed. I cycled on various road types from small residential roads, streets and shared footpaths/pavements.

A friend then suggested I could cycle to Kingsbury and take the Jubilee line to Baker Street to get to Regents Park for the brick session. Unfortunately, there were tube improvement works on so I ended up taking the Northern line a couple stops and cycled the rest. Crikey, N London is a bit hilly!

The brick session was coached by Andrea and attended by a handful of people, as it clashed with a XC race later that day. Hopefully, there’ll be more of us next month.

I practised bike to run transitions, cycled one lap of Regents Park in a much lower gear than usual and did a few laps of the running track. I had of course cycled there and had to cycle back. More experienced members “just” cycled two loops of Regent’s Park and ran four laps of the track.

Hannah also tightened up and realigned the brakes on my bicycle – thanks. There seems to be a problem with the gears so I booked my bicycle in for its 6 week service on my way home and picked up a lovely pink jacket.

Pics of Hannah fixing my bike, Gareth recovering and Andrea wrapping up warm!

Regents Park cold snap bike fixing Regents Park, cold snap


I struggled mentally with my long run last week and only managed 12 miles, instead of 17. This Sunday I ran some 19 miles or so. Both my Fitbit and phone weren’t fully charged and I had to run “blind” for 60% of my run.

It had snowed overnight and was quite cold, but since I hadn’t completed my long run from the previous week, I had to go. And, I am glad I went!

The pavements on Barnet Road towards Arkley and High Barnet were covered in snow so I ended up running by Barnet Bypass/A1 for a couple more miles before I took a small footpath which took me into Shenley. Imagine: small country roads and local farms, all covered in snow. It felt like a scene out of a fairy tale. I wish I lived closer to the country side!

My first race of 2016, Seville Marathon, in 4 weeks…

Shenley snow January 2016

Pic of a country road in Shenley


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