Newsflash: I’m a triathlete!

Posted on April 17, 2016 8:55 am


Prerace photo outside the Weir

About a month ago I decided to sign up to a super sprint triathlon in preparation for Crystal Palace Triathlon on 15 May. 

I found IntoTri via Twitter, a free super sprint triathlon in Walton on Thames. The triathlon “Parkrun”, if you will: 400m pool swim, 10km bike & 2.5km run. 
Anyway, I’m lying in my hotel bed feeling amazing for completing the course in just under an hour including transitions! I am a triathlete! Whoop!

Official results will be out in the next 24hrs but my initial thoughts are:

1) swim was tough, as expected. Without a proper warm up, I didn’t really feel I got into a good groove. Having switched to breaststroke after 50m, I couldn’t get back into front crawl or really settle into breaststroke. Having said that, my time is around what I expected (13mins~);

2) the bike leg felt good but I think I was much slower than I expected (was aiming for 22mins, was about 30mins!). I need to work on speed on the road and getting the right gear combo as at certain times I felt I was working too hard. I found the bike leg enjoyable despite being worried about cars, crashing & punctures. None of those occurred! Bonus! 

3) the run was tough! My legs felt dead for the entire 2.5km. I need to work more on longer & outdoor brick sessions. But despite the pain I kept a decent speed & I did better than I hoped (14:13~). 

The IntoTri event was really well organised and a great concept! The Weir pub where we stayed was also an excellent choice (with a full English breakfast after the race!) and a short 500m walk to the Xcel leisure centre. The event is quite far from (north) London so better suited to locals or if you live South of the river. If I lived closer, I could see myself doing it every month! 


Receiving my number: 29


Heading out on the bike


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