New PB and scaling back

Posted on January 6, 2016 9:21 pm


How is the first week of 2016 going for you? How are your resolutions coming on?

New 5km PB 

I have to admit that before I discovered parkrun I had never really concentrated on improving my 5km time. It has always been about endurance, rather than speed. So I have always run 5km at about 30 minutes or so and I have consistently run Hampstead Heath parkrun at about 30-31 minutes which seemed normal given that it’s a hilly course.

On New Year’s Day I was forced to try Gladstone parkun (thanks TFL!). Apparently it’s not as difficult as Hampstead, but it is still quite deceptively hilly. I am not sure if it was because I was feeling fresh and rested, wasn’t holding myself back based on the pace I thought I should be going at or a side effect of cross training (or a combination of factors), but I ran it in 28:31.

I was shattered afterwards and barely managed to jog most of the way home – a sign that I had really pushed myself.  That’s the fastest I have ever done it and I am very pleased. What a great way to start the year – let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come.

I am also now beginning to wonder how much faster can I get and what is a good target for 2016?

Too much

Thanks to my gym’s mobile app I signed up to 2 new classes this week, on top of my usual Pilates and spin. I don’t know why; I have far too much going on as it is, I’m tired most of the time and my long run is already up to 17 miles this week. I suppose I just got caught in the moment…

The obvious happened: I ended up missing one class and substituting the other (barré) for my Pilates class. I really enjoyed the barré class – a great workout for the arches of my feet, calves and bum. I suspect it’s the cause of my DOMs today, rather than the fairly brutal coached speed session at running club last night!

I am also reviewing how much I am training given my strengths, weaknesses and goals. My body is telling me that I am trying to do too much. In addition to running, my main aim right now is improving my swim endurance (slow and arduous task…!) and bike handling.

The first thing I have decided is to drop spin class for the next two weeks and to make sure my strength session is limited to 60 minutes. Let’s see if that helps.

This is what my training is looking like this week:

Monday Swim 90 minutes
Tuesday Barré class Coached running session
Wednesday PT session
Thursday Rest Rest
Friday Swim 90 minutes Strength training
Saturday Long run – 17 miles
Sunday Outdoor cycle

I am really looking forward to relaxing on Thursday!

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