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Posted on February 1, 2017 10:55 pm

As I’m writing this post it’s 1 February 2017. I can’t believe that January has flown by so quickly. 

It probably is true that the older you get the quicker time seems to pass. And, I am getting old(er), like everyone else, I suppose. Next month I will be 34 years old. How strange, since I don’t recall anything after 31! 

Anyway, with time flying it’s been a while since I posted and I apologise. You haven’t missed very much – the lead up to my last marathon of 2016 and the off-season went a bit, well, wrong. 

Short version – in late September I found myself in the middle of an altercation and was accidentally hit in the face. I suffered a rather grim injury to my left eye that knocked me out for a couple weeks. I managed to run Berlin marathon very slowly a few weeks later, only to find out afterwards that I have a broken eye socket. 

Despite the pain and painkillers, I loved Berlin marathon. On the day, I started the race hoping I could do 5km; finishing was a great bonus. It was rather enjoyable as there was no pressure to perform and I took my sweet time, walking whenever I wanted. 

I’m not sure if it’s the horrible pain I was getting from running more than 5kms, laziness or losing my running mojo (still lost), but I have not been running very much since then. Instead, I have been working on my swimming and a little cycling. And, my swimming has come along great! 

But now, with my operation coming up next month, it’s time to get back into running and some proper training for my upcoming races! Hopefully, with a little work and patience I’ll find my running mojo again! For this year, I’ve decided to focus on half marathon and triathlon. That 4:30 marathon will have to wait another year. 

My 2017 draft race calendar currently looks like this:

  • Liverpool half marathon 1 April 
  • Trail des 2 Luxembourg half marathon 1 May 
  • Crystal Palace sprint triathlon 14 May 
  • Luxembourg half marathon 27 May 
  • St Albans half marathon 11 June 
  • Jetstream triathlon 18 June TBC
  • Thorpe Park Olympic triathlon 9 July (my “A race”)
  • Wilkins Kennedy sprint triathlon 23 July 
  • Rat Race 10km obstacle course 12 August 
  • St Albans sprint triathlon 17 September 
  • Marathon October/November TBD

I’ve only booked a few of the races so it’s subject to change!
Have you signed up to any races? Which ones? 
LR xx 

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