It’s the final countdown… 5 days to Crystal Palace triathlon

Posted on May 10, 2016 7:56 pm

Five days to go

I’m not sure where the days went but D Day is only 5 days away! My race is at 9:27am this Sunday. Exciting times! 

I’m feeling calm and quietly confident that everything will be OK. A week off recently from training due to illness means I’m feeling rather fresh. I’m aiming to finish in around 2 hours but I’ll be happy to get around! 

Over the last few weeks, I’ve trained a few times in 50m pool now and have a good idea of how I’ll perform on the swim. I won’t be fast but I’ll be consistent. 

It would have been nice to swim in the Olympic Pool a few times but it’s been closed so I’ve been swimming at the lovely London Fields lido. I have one more swim session planned at Parliament Hill lido on Friday! 

My cycling has also come on really well. I’m feeling much more confident than I was even a few weeks ago. My only fear is a puncture mid-race so fingers crossed that won’t happen. 

The last two weekends I’ve pushed myself to go further out and for longer; to my surprise I have coped with London traffic well, playing around with my gear combos and I haven’t been too tired afterwards. 

To help with endurance I’ve been training on a watt bike a couple of times a week and went to a Psycle spin session straight after my running club’s brick session. As for the sharp short hill I have to cycle 9 times, I say: bring it on! 

I haven’t been running very much but the cross training is paying off! On Sunday I ran the Ealing Eagles 10km in about the same time as I ran it last year; given that it was so hot this year and I really struggled, I didn’t do too badly! 

A couple of last minute preparations to sort out and I’ll be all set: wish me luck! 

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