3 weeks training from zeroish to half marathon glory!

Posted on February 18, 2017 11:42 am

I read an article yesterday which said that it takes 20 weeks for a non-runner to get to half marathon finisher. 

Of course, I’m an experienced runner but since Berlin marathon in October 2016 the longest I had managed to run until recently was about 7km. 

The problem is that I realised a few days ago that with my operation on 6 March, 2 weeks recovery and looming race in Liverpool on 1 April, I have only 3 weeks to get my body ready to run a half marathon! Gah! Let’s not forget that I got my current marathon PB in Liverpool too. 

Can it be done? Of course. 

Will I hurt myself? Probably not. 

Will I get a PB? Definitely not. 

Am I stupid enough? Damn right!

The last time I was in Liverpool

Marathon ready!

In perfect timing my Fitbit broke the other week and I need to buy a replacement, adding to my stress. There are too many options! Help!

As I only realised my limited time issue mid-week, I’ve had to consider this past week as week 1! 

I jogged 10km on Sunday and about 11km after my PT session on Wednesday. My iphone decided to die half way through my run on Sunday as it was cold and I didn’t even bother using it on Wednesday so all distances are approximate. 

I suffered from a horrible headache on Sunday after my run – my broken face doesn’t seem to like all that movement! I’m not sure why it came as a surprise – the headaches are the main reason I’ve not been running very much. But it did and it was debilitating. 

I’ve decided to try to do the longer runs in the evenings so any headaches won’t ruin entire days and that I’m in bed when the headaches want to start! Im not going to let my broken face get in the way of half marathon glory (or just finishing the race)! 

On Wednesday, I made sure to eat/drink properly and went to bed with my post-marathon recovery socks on. They only come out after a super long or hard run or a marathon but thought that I might need that extra help. They’re super sexy, not.

My plan seemed to work as I woke up feeling amazing and not sore at all. I didn’t suffer from any headaches either! It feels good to be back running!

I have since developed some DOMs in my hamstrings but that’s probably due to my PT session – I get that every week since we work HARD every session; thank you Levi

I was hoping to do parkrun today but didn’t manage to get out of bed. I think that’s probably a good thing – I don’t want to overdo it.

My plan for week 2 is:

  • 10km jog tomorrow 
  • Run club training on Tuesday (yay!) 
  • Long slow run after PT session on Wednesday say 11-14km
  • Parkrun?

In true Leyla style, with work being crazy right now and going out one evening, I did not manage to swim or cycle at all in week 1. I’ve got to get better at that for week 2! 

Do you think I’m crazy? Any tips (running, not the crazy!)?

Any sports watch suggestions? Triathlon suitable but not to clunky. 

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